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Our Event Details:

Our Speaker

Niel Tan

– CEO & Founder of 101Next – Affiliate Community Platform

– Digital Advisor of GoNJoy – Ecosystem Community Platform 

– Highest Sales Reported in 2021 (eU MDEC)

– Total Sales Reported RM 36.18 Mil (eU MDEC)

– eUsahawan MDEC Certified Master Trainer

– Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Certified

– Google Digital Garage Certified

– Web Developer & Content Creator

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Hi, my name is Niel Tan. My first online business started 8 years ago. I started with zero business experience and zero marketing knowledge and skills. Today, I am one of the top eUsahawan MDEC Master Trainers with a total sales reported of RM 36.18 Million. eUsahawan MDEC is one of the popular Malaysian Government Agencies. For anything related to the digital economy, MDEC comes into the picture.   

So, how it all started? Well, it all started because of my father, he was extremely sick due to diabetes, multiple stroke attack history, prostate problems, loss of speech, weaken, and being bedridden. The pain that my father had is not what all of us would want. 

I knew my father needed me badly and back then I was still in college. I was one of the top distinction students with a high CGPA but sadly I had to make a tough decision to leave college. Back then there are no such thing as attending online classes or taking exams online. 

So, I quit college and started searching for how to start an online business so that I can work from home full-time to look after my father. Until one day, I found an opportunity which is an affiliate program business opportunity. 

I started learning how to build websites, blogs, sales pages, videos, graphic designs and more. Thanks to the multiple skills I have, the results I generated is far beyond my expectation. 

Receiving my rewards & awards at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Glad to be on the same stage with big brands like Shopee, Lazada, Maybank, DeliverEat, Standard Charter, Upin & Ipin, BoBoiBoy, Shell, TouchNGo and many more!

What Will You Discover During The Workshop?

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Due to covid-19, we are forced to push our training online. You might ask, why are we providing a long-term monthly online live training rather than any other normal training provider that gives you 3, 5, or a week training only?

The reason is that providing training online is cheaper than offline training. NO rental fee, expensive electrical bills, equipment rental & etc.

Another reason is that you are our product software user. As long as you subscribe to our digital transformation software solutions, you are ALWAYS welcome to join all our Online Live Training!

Right now, we are going BEYOND our 6 months digital transformation program.

Two Types of eCertificates. If you are able to complete the task from using AI Copywriting all the way to posting on your Facebook Business Page you will entitle to receive an eCertificate of Achievement. 

Another eCertificate will be the Appreciation eCert. This is only given for those who did not manage to complete all the task but managed to stay all the way until the end of the online live training workshop. 

Tap Into 72 business industries

eCommerce & Affiliate Entrepreneurship Community Platform

eCommerce | Affiliate | Digital | Technology | Community | Platform

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Our Lifestyle Ecosystem Community Platform:

72 Business Industries
Food | Sports | Tourism | Finance | Fashion | Property | Education | Marketing | Technology | eCommerce
| Arts & Designs | Health & Fitness | Beauty & Wellness | Event & Entertainment | Many More!

A platform with powerful system & technology that works for you 24/7 online & and offline.
The best part is that you can earn recurring commissions and generate passive income. You can work at anywhere and anytime as long as you are connected to the internet.

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Have Questions That Need Answers?
We’ve answered the most common questions right here.

Do I need to pay to attend the event online?

No, you do not need to pay anything to attend the event online. There are no fee but it is FREE!

Who is suitable to
join this event?

This event is suitable for entrepreneurs, start-ups, marketers, affiliates, business owners, trainers, content creators, and influencers as well!

Where do I get the link to access to the online livestream or webinar?

First step, please do make sure you click on the button below to register. Once you've successfully registered, around 2 days before the event, we will add you to a WhatsApp Group.

We will send the live streaming or webinar link to the Support Community WhatsApp Group and to your personal WhatsApp as well. So, please make sure your contact number is correct.

Is there anything I need to prepare?

Find a quiet place, earphone/headphone, test internet connection & your audio, download and update the latest Zoom app, fully charge your device & your laptop or computer mouse and prepare your questions for us.

What is this 101Next Affiliate Community Platform All About?

Basically, we will share with you more during our online live session. But to shortly share with you, our affiliate community platform is developed to train, groom, support and transform ordinary people like you and me into a profitable affiliate entrepreneurs by attending our weekly or biweekly transformation sessions.

I still have a couple of questions. How may I get in touch with you?

You may contact us through:
Click Here To WhatsApp Us

You can also click on the chat bubble on the bottom left corner of your screen to chat with us.

Tap Into 72 business industries

eCommerce & Affiliate Entrepreneurship Community Platform

eCommerce | Affiliate | Digital | Technology | Community | Platform

Join Our Free Online Live Training Workshop ...​

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